Is your virus protection expired?

If you’re tired of the constant upkeep of your computer protected from viruses and malware, let us install our top of the line virus protection that we manage for you.

No More Pop-ups. No more Subscription Expirations.

When you have us set up your virus protection, what you are getting is the watchful expertise of PC Tuneup. We monitor your computer’s virus protection to ensure your machine is running at peak performance. No longer will you need to make complicated decisions regarding your computer’s malware detection.

Competitive Pricing for Quality Virus Protection

For the low price of $49 / year (per computer) we ensure your computer runs virus free and allow you worry free internet surfing. Our software features Spyware and Malware Scans, Download Protection and Email Scanning to keep you protected. Enjoy not having to think about your virus protection any longer and let PCTuneUp protect your computer!

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